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Celiac Awareness Month


Celiac disease affects individuals in different ways, every story is a different. Celiac disease can show up with several symptoms or with no symptoms at all; there are many stories where patients have been misdiagnosed.  Common symptoms for Celiac Disease is  Stomach Aches, Headaches, Skin Rashes, Infertility and Pregnancy Issues, Child Development, Osteoporosis, Fatigue and No Symptoms.

Stomach Aches

Laura’s Story -

“I was sickly my whole life. I developed thyroid disease after the birth of my first child, and after that I had constant aches and pains, but doctors couldn’t help or find anything wrong with me. All my tests would come back normal.

Two years ago after a very traumatic event, my stomach starting swelling severely after I ate. Many doctor appointments and tests later, I still had no answer. Out of desperation to feel better I took my health into my own hands and went gluten-free after much, much research. After a week of being gluten-free, I felt better for the first time in almost 10 years.

I started researching celiac disease and discovered a link to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My dad died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1988 at the age of 40. I decided to undergo genetic testing to see if I carry the gene, just so I knew. Sure enough, I carry the celiac gene as well as a gluten sensitivity gene. No wonder I’ve always been sick!

I’ve been gluten-free for almost 9 months now and have never felt better!”


Brenda’s Story -

“Thank heavens for investigative reports. One of our local news stations did a piece on celiac disease and some common ailments associated with it. “Wow,” was all I could say as I picked up the phone and called my doctor to schedule a blood test for celiac. Long story short, I’m 46 and have had tummy troubles in one form or another my entire life, plus debilitating migraines, infertility, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, and the list goes on.

I was ready to try just about anything to feel better. I am an active person, preferring cycling or skating outside, but I recently suffered from terrible fatigue that depressed me to no end.

My blood test came back negative, and I decided against undergoing a biopsy as I did not feel it was necessary at that point.

I’ve been gluten-free since August 13 and have honestly never felt this good in my life. Yes, it is incredibly hard to live without my comfort foods: dumplings, garlic bread, divine pasta, etc. But 20 minutes after the gluten hits me, I feel terrible, so giving up those foods is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Thankfully, I have the support of family and friends. Yes, it gets depressing going to the store, spending hours reading what is in every product, and paying through the nose for two small bags of food, but again, I have never felt this well in my life and I have no thoughts of giving in.

I have gradually lost weight as another poster mentioned – I think another 10 pounds will put me at my natural, sustainable weight. My muscle strength is very near where it was in my youth (just ask my 16 year old who can’t keep up with me on skates or a bike). My migraines are very well controlled – I haven’t had a bad one since July – and the insomnia is getting much better as well. I still take my sleeping pill, but now I actually sleep through the night.”

Skin Rashes

Andrea’s Story

“I was diagnosed with dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) and celiac because, after 18 years of unexplained rashes that would come and go, my dermatologist actually got educated about it. The next time I came in with my rash (always in different place on my body), he got all excited and told me about DH, took a biopsy, and viola!
Finally, I knew what was wrong with me. I had the celiac blood work done, followed by a biopsy and was confirmed I had traditional celiac with flattened villi, along with DH. I tried Dapsone and was violently ill, so I had to suffer with my rash until it finally went away after about 6 months of eating totally gluten-free.
One of the most wonderful things about going gluten-free is that I feel good. I never realized I had a stomachache all the time, sometimes terribly, but always there, until it completely went away. Yea!
My mom then was tested and she too is celiac. My sister and brother both have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but won’t get tested for celiac. It makes me sad because I think they also have it, but they don’t believe me when I say they could perhaps relieve some of their symptoms by going gluten-free.”

No Symptoms

Patrick’s Story

“I was diagnosed with celiac disease by accident.

I developed an ulcer in my throat 2 years ago and went to see a gastroenterologist for treatment. I ended up getting an endoscopy so he could get a better look. When I woke up, I was greeted with the familiar though startling line: “I have good news and bad news.”

It turned out that, while my ulcer was all but gone, the doctor noticed how smooth the walls of my intestines were. He told me that he thought I had celiac disease and had taken a biopsy during the procedure to confirm.

After the biopsy and a subsequent blood test both came back positive, I was officially diagnosed with celiac disease. I had never expressed any symptoms my entire life. Switching to the diet has not altered my health or how I feel, but I have stuck to it because I understand the long term repercussions that ingesting gluten can have on my body – even if I can’t feel it now.”

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