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Gluten Free Celebrities

Gluten Free is a popular topic for the rich and famous.  ABCNews.com added a slideshow of Celebrities who are gluten-free and explain why they went on a gluten-free diet.  Gluten sensitivity or intolerance has required some Stars to give up their eating habits.

To view the slide show, click here.

Zooey Deschanel:  Sensitivity to eggs, dairy and wheat.EHasselbeck_GFreeDiet

Miley Cyrus:  Intolerance to wheat and credited the diet for her weight loss.

Lady Gaga:  Cut gluten from her diet in an effort to lose weight.

Keith Olbermann:  Celiac Disease.

Jennifer Esposito:  Celiac Disease.

Emmy Rossum:  Celiac Disease.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck:  Celiac Disease.  Also, the writer of “The G-Free Diet”.

Drew Brees:  Intolerance to Gluten.

Chelsea Clinton:  Sensitivity to gluten, she is also a vegan.

Billy Bob Thornton:  Intolerance for wheat, dairy and shell-fish.

Other Celebrities include Jessica Alba and Geri Halliwell who also suffer from intolerance to wheat.  Whether it is for medical reasons or weight loss benefits, Celebrities are switching to a gluten-free diet.


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